General business conditions are unseparable part of house rules and the contract between the service provider and the customer.

Contracting parties

  • Service provider: LUCKY servis, s.r.o., Orechová 617/1, 03301 Podtureň, Slovakia, IČO: 51300834
  • Customer: natural or legal person, who uses the services of the service provider

Contractual relationship, personal details

  • It arises by use of services agreement between the provider of services and customer
  • The provider is commited to offer the services in agreed extent, responsibly and for the price agreed previously.
  • The customer is committed to pay the agreed price for the services provided, follow these general bussiness conditions and house rules.
  • By confirmation of the booking, the customer grants his approval with these general business conditions and house rules.
  • In case of breaking the rules of General business conditions or the house rules, by the customer, the provider is entitled to withdraw any further services and at the same time the customer is not entitled to deposit  refund and is committed to pay the ammount  for beforehand agreed services (after deduction of deposit payment).
  • Provider is committed to follow the law no.122/2013 on personal details protection in its current version.



  • If not agreed otherwise by the contract, the agreed price which is payable by the customer and agreed services of the Apartment House arises from the valid price list. The price list is generated dynamically based on the season of the stay, occupancy of the apartment and the number of guests, their age and number of children.
  • Binding price for the customer is the one stated in the booking confirmation or the e-mail offer.
  • In case of non-payment of the deposit in the agreed time, the provider is entitled to cancel the reservation and withdraw the contract.
  • In case of the failure of system for price stay calculation, the provider reserves the right to contact the customer immediately and agree the correct price, the customer is entitled to cancel the booking.


The customer is entitled to a proper provision of services ordered.

  • The customer has a right to cancel the using of services anytime by withdrawing the contract.
  • The customer is committed to secure the accompaniment or the supervision for the person younger than 18 years during the entire using of services.
  • Any foreign customer is committed to fill in the report residence, citizen of Slovak Republic fills in the personal details into the guest book.
  • The customer is committed not to act to endanger the health and property of other customers or the provider.
  • The customer is committed to pay the possible damage caused by him.
  • Animals are not allowed on the premises.
  • Lost and found items are not sent to customers. They are  stored for 3 months in the hotel. After this time, they are  liquidated.


  • Binding reservation must be confirmed by a provider in electronic form, where it clearly says the date, number of guests, price… etc. Reservation is made with or without deposit (usually 50 %). At the binding offer, the provider has a right to require the personal details of the client which are important for check in.
  • Provider usually send the basic information about the apartment to the customer by electronic form:

Check -in is from 2 PM – 6 PM

Check -out is until 10 AM

  • At the check in, the customer is committed to identify himself with valid ID card.
  • Provider, based on the late check out, can charge up to 100% from the full price of accommodation.

The late check out must be reported to the provider in advance.

The late check in must be reported in advance by  email or telephone call. In this case, the customer is sent electronic access code into the property and apartment.


  • The guest will be charged 50% of the total price if they cancel after reservation and the total price if they cancel in the 7 days before arrival.


Provider does not take responsibility for the properties of guests which are brought into the hotel. The provider also does not take responsibility for any damage or loss which may happen on the premises of the Apartment house. The stay of the customer is further set by the house rules, which is binding for the guests.

These general business conditions and legal relatiohships arising out of them are subject to Slovak legal system.


  • The customer is entitled to withdraw the service providing agreement at anytime. The withdrawal becomes valid from the day of receiving or notification of withdrawal. The customer is committed to pay the cancellation fee to the provider, which will be paid at the withdrawal or deducted from the paid deposit. The provider has a right to withdraw the contractual relationship and cancel the reservation without any reason. In this case, the customer receives the money immediately and in the full ammount. At the same time, the customer is not entitled to any other compensation.
  • In case the customer cancel the part of his stay or does not use ordered services, he is not entitled to a financial compensation for unused services.
  • The provider is entitled to withdraw the contract immediatelly if customer breach the general contractual conditions or the house rules. In this case the customer is not entitled to any financial compensation for unused services.
  • The rooms booked without deposit, where the customer did not check in up to 6 PM latest of the day of his arrival, could be offered to a different customer. This does not apply in case that a late arrival was announced by the client previously.


  • The claims are dealt with during the customers stay. It is not possible to claim the accommodation service after completion of stay. If the claim is reasonable, the customer will be given discount and money refunded in cash.


These General business conditions are valid for customers of Apartment house Lúčky 188, 03101 Demänovská dolina 188

It enters into force 31.01.2018 and becomes effective at the moment of sending an electronic reservation.